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Minority family owned and operated since 1936, Stuart's Moving & Storage Inc, has provided top quality relocation and storage services for some of the most wellknown corporations, colleges, museums, public and private individuals. We are a M.B.E. certified vendor as well as SBA Hub Zone certified . Our services include packing, specialized crating, storage, climate controlled storage, family relocations, corporate relocations, office & industrial relocation, medical & lab equipment relocation, fine art relocation, and trailer rental.

Stuart's Moving & Storage has had the honor of relocating the last four Indiana Governors and top political officials on the local, state, and federal level. This experience has allowed Stuart's Moving & Storage a unique insight into the complex world of relocating Public Officials with respect to coordination along with governmental staff with due diligence with regard to respect and safety. We've taken these experiences further into the sector of corporate and private relocations.

Our Philosohy is simple: Dedication, Professionalism, Courtesy, Care, and Follow Through.

Our Goal too is simple: To Provide the Utmost Care, Respect and Service to every client we serve no matter if our client is a corporate relocation or an individual moving locally.

The Family

In 1967, Anthony Stuart took the reins from Marion Stuart and still today leads with absolute dedication to our clients.

Anthony Stuart brings a unique atmosphere to Stuart's Moving & Storage Inc. Mr. Stuart has dedicated his life to the relocation and storage industry. Mr. Stuart is civic minded, an avid art enthusiast, and a well respected member of his community.

Mr. Stuart believes in "Hands On" management and maintains and "Open Door" policy for clients from all walks of life. Mr. Stuart believes in personal service and not the automated systems that has plagued the business world for so long. When you call Stuart's Moving & Storage, odds are he'll be the one to answer the phone.

Jacqueline A Stuart

Ms. Stuart grew up in the relocation industry and has dedicated her life to the family business. Her belief system iis simple; take care of your customers and their families, remember from where you came and always be true to your word. Her knowledge is vast, her attention to detail is remarkable, and her dedication to her customers is unparalleled outside of Stuart's Moving & Storage. Jackie brings a personal touch that is truly appreciated by her clients and providers.

Anthony W. Stuart

In 1936 Marion Stuart, an African American decided to open a moving company that was dedicated to local Indianapolis residents. Marion started with one small truck and a helper. During this era, Marion's business undertaking was a leap of faith that took both dedication and courage. This dedication and business savvy he shared with his nephew, Anthony Stuart. For many years Anthony and Marion worked together to make Stuart's Moving & Storage, Inc the company that it is today.

Marion Stuart - Founder

Stuart's Household Furniture, Moving & Storage, Inc. 2010

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